Monday, March 11, 2019

What fitness and importance

What fitness and importance
The term fitness may be related to weight lifting, long-distance running, swimming or other sports. This is true. Physical fitness refers to the exercise of any type of sport that can help the body build muscle mass or maintain muscle health. And vital body organs that keep the body in a healthy state.

Definition of fitness
Physical fitness in general means that you have a healthy and athletic body that can perform all kinds of sports without suffering from muscular or respiratory problems, but not necessarily a body that is physically fit to lift heavy weights or run for very long distances. One can be considered fatigued by measuring his ability to perform the exercises he specializes in, so judging one's fitness varies by different standards.

Types of fitness
The types of exercise that a person needs to be physically fit vary according to the type of sport he or she exercises. The football player needs exercises to increase his ability to run for long periods of time. He also needs exercises that increase the strength of his legs and other sports. , Each athlete needs a different type of fitness exercises to match his needs.

Fitness elements
The fitness is divided into five basic elements, namely the fitness of the respiratory system and the heart, where the body needs the members who can provide sufficient energy during the various types of exercises, and muscle strength because most types of exercises require strong muscles in order to lift weights or push or hit or drag, And endurance is not enough strength to complete the exercises, as there is no use of force in the case of not being able to use only for a short period, so the ability of the muscles to carry the exercise and continue to the end of the most important elements of fitness, Criteria Every athlete must have Commitment to achieve a decent body These standards are proportional to the mass of muscles with the amount of water, fat and bone in the body, and finally flexibility, the importance of flexibility in the ability of those who have to perform all sports movements easily and without any injury, and usually What is concentrated in the flexibility of the joints of the body because it is the key to the movement of the body.

The importance of fat fitness
There is no doubt that physical fitness is important in every person's life. A decent person has an ideal weight and can maintain it easily. He also avoids many diseases and health problems only by exercising regularly. As for the psychological aspect, fitness can enhance one's self-confidence and reduce the chance of stress, stress or depression.

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