Saturday, March 16, 2019

What is acid rain

Acid rain is one type of mixed precipitation with different acids, which has a devastating effect on plants, animals, environment, and various urban and industrial structures. As a result of the interaction of nitrogen and sulfur compounds in the atmosphere, different acids are mixed in the water in the upper atmosphere and fall with it causing great damage. The pH of the acid rain is less than 5.6, all rain where the pH is lower is called acid rain.

Acid rain and its sources
Different sulfur-containing gases, such as sulfur dioxide, exist in different atmosphere layers.
When interacting with oxygen with UV rays coming from the sun to form carbon monoxide.
When mixed with rainwater produces sulfuric acid, which may combine with some other gases in the air such as ashandra.
This acid falls with rain in the form of acid rain.
Also, nitrogen oxides that interact with oxygen with ultraviolet rays form what is known as nitrogen acid.
Effects of acid rain and its negatives
Impact on the marine environment:

After acid rain, nitrogen and sulfur acids move to rivers, lakes and seas, causing an increase in acidity.
Acid rain takes some minerals into the sea with compounds such as copper, aluminum and mercury compounds.
Therefore, these lakes and seas will suffer from disruption of the marine environment and disruption of life.
Impact on plants and forests:

Acid rain has a clear impact on forests and their destruction, and this is evident in many industrialized countries.
Acid rain has a significant impact on seasonal agricultural crops that have an economic impact, resulting in their destruction and destruction and thus causing significant economic losses.
Impact on soil:

When soil acid rain mixes with soil, the rate of disintegration of soil and the thickness of the layer of dead plant residues decreases.
Consequently, soil permeability becomes low and seeds can not grow.
Acid rain works to kill microorganisms that analyze the remains of dead organisms.
Effects on animals:
The environmental elements of the acid rain and its causes of pollution, smoke of factories and others, indirectly lead to damage to animals through the lack of adequate food and non-contaminated health food.

His impact on man

Industrial city smog has a major impact on human health, may cause irritation and congestion of mucous membranes, suffocation, cough and tissue damage.
When humans eat plant or animal products in which acidic compounds are stored and concentrated to the degree of toxicity.
The acid rain has a great impact on the physical structures, bridges and the effects that cause great economic damage.

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