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What is the analysis that reveals cancer

What is the analysis that reveals cancer
Since the definition of cancer has been defined to identify malignant cellular growth that occurs for reasons that were mostly unknown, the question that puzzled many at the time was: What is the analysis that reveals cancer? Indeed, many analyzes can be used to detect cancer or the effects that But the real answer lies in what was discovered and published in 1965 by physician Joseph Gold on behalf of cancer markers, cancer markers are substances produced by cancer cells or produced by the body in response to some cancers, and can The use of cancer markers in the detection of some cancers or to determine the effectiveness of the treatment used. 1)
Why are cancer markers used?
The question is: What is the analysis that reveals cancer? It is necessary to mention the use of cancer markers. Cancer markers are usually required to follow a treatment plan for a cancer patient and are currently being treated or to detect cancer recurrence in a patient who has been treated with a reversible cancer Cancer screening may also be used to investigate the presence of cancer in those with a family history of a specific cancer, to try to detect it as early as possible. The use of cancer markers may include:
A tumor treatment plan is organized by the oncologist, and when the value of the cancer marker in the blood is reduced, it means that the treatment is working properly.
Try to detect the presence of cancerous tumors after the eradication of the main cancer, where the tissue can move cancer to manifest the same symptoms of the basic mass of cancer, even in terms of cancerous names.
Help predict cancer warning or survival rate.
Detecting cancer recurrence after a period of time - may vary from tumor to tumor - from the application of a successful treatment plan.
Cancer screening for people with risk factors for developing cancer, such as family history and previous infections with other types of cancer.
How to measure cancer markers
Cancer samples are usually examined by taking a sample of the tumor tissue or blood sample. The sample taken from the patient is sent to the laboratory. Several methods are used to detect the levels of the cancerous marker, which is often determined by the doctor. Some types of cancer may be retreated after treatment or to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. This procedure is usually done several times, and several blood samples are taken at different intervals. These tests can help with varying periods in detecting, Therefore prepare e This method is more reliable than the abstract value for a one-time test. 3)
Types of cancer markers
There are several types of cancer markers according to cancer, which is detected, and most of the markers of cancer spread in the blood and can be detected by drawing a blood sample, and the most common types of cancer markers - with the corresponding cancers - the following: 4)

CA125: Ovarian cancer detection.
CA 15-3 and CA 27-29: Breast Cancer.
PSA: The prostate specific antigen, which rises in prostate cancer and in some other prostate diseases.
CEA: Cancer screening for colorectal cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
AFP: To detect liver cancer and certain cancers of the ovaries and testes.
B2M: To detect numerous tumor necrosis and lymphoma and bleeds.

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