Sunday, March 3, 2019

What is deep internet

Deep Internet
The Internet is made up of layers. These layers range from the surface that appears to you in the regular search engines, to the middle that does not appear to you and does not have anything that goes against the law, to the deep that you need special search engines to get, because it contains suspicious information Criminal offenses.

Uses Deep Internet
Outlaws use the deep Internet in their midst to sell and trade forbidden goods such as weapons, drugs, human trafficking, antiquities and counterfeit coins. They also use them to communicate among themselves because they are difficult to track down from government agencies.

The amount of deep internet size
There are now more than 580 million registered sites on the Internet, except for sub-pages. The size of the deep Internet is 500 times that of the surface Internet, but it is difficult to access deep Internet content except by professionals and professionals on the Internet.

Deep Internet Domains
The surface Internet uses the HTTP protocol, and uses extensions such as .com or .net, to reach the content you want. The deep Internet domains are different. They are a secret network among several trusted parties. In traditional search sites like google or yahoo, they need a special search engine.

Dealing with cash in the deep Internet
You can not use traditional credit cards to buy or sell from the deep Internet, so that the process can be tracked by government agencies. That's why they invented their own coin called Bit Coins to facilitate prohibited trade, an encrypted currency exchanged between two " And the buyer only "without a third party or intermediary such as banks, and the value of House Queens 400 USD, and is likely to rise in the future, in some countries, such as Germany recognizes the currency as a legal currency, and you can run to dollars or any other currency through ATM for this currency.

How to Access the Deep Internet
You must download the TOR browser. Traditional browsers such as Chrome & Explorer do not support deep Internet usage. There are many private search engines in this browser. You can search for your own confidential information. This browser does not detect the identity of its users.

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