Friday, March 1, 2019

What is the EFT technique, and what do you rely on?

What is the EFT technique, and what do you rely on?

With the rapid spread of technological advances and science, a new technique called EFT, or psycho-relaxation technology, was quickly discovered by Greg Gray in 1991, which is similar in principle to Chinese acupuncture treatment, but it does not support But focuses on specific points along the face and body, to help relieve anxiety, tension and pain, by tapping or pressing on these specific areas to get rid of annoying things.

What is the EFT Technology Principle?

The subject of training on the body parts may seem a bit strange, such as pressure on certain areas with a focus on emotions, thoughts, and recalling the theme of the problem, such as headaches or fear of talking to people, to help get physical and emotional comfort.

What are the benefits of this technology?

People have used EFT to relieve physical pain such as back pain, fibrous muscle pain, headaches, ulcers and digestive disorders, as well as their role in solving emotional problems such as anxiety, fatigue, anger, and Phobia, self-esteem issues, weight loss, and sleep cravings.

What are the energy points in the body that are recommended to be moistened or pressed when using this technique?

At the beginning of the eyebrow by the nose.

Point the side of the eye, on the bones of the eye cavity from the outside.

A point under the eye rests on the bones of the eye cavity.

Point under the nose.

Point under the chin.

My point below the clavicle is the junction of the cage with the collarbone, with the first rib of the chest.

Under the arm on the body side, parallel to the chest nipple at a distance of 10 cm.

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