Friday, March 15, 2019

What is the electric field?

The science of physics is known as one of the most important natural sciences. This science deals with the study of cosmic phenomena and provides logical explanations for them through the scientific studies and research of special scientists. This science contributed to making these cosmic phenomena quantifiable, There are many fields of physics, each of which deals with specialized aspects of cosmic phenomena. The most important of these fields are: static electricity, mechanics, modern physics, magnetism, and kinetics. Cosmic, and the question now arises, what is the electric field.

Electric field
Here is some information about this physical concept, and the most important thing in the science of static electricity physics:

This concept is applied to the area around the electric charge or charged objects, where the effect of electric power on electrical charges shows other charged objects. Within this field, an electric pull force arises in the case of a difference in the signal of the two charges or charged objects, The similarity of the signal of the two shipments or charged bodies.

The intensity of this physical concept is determined experimentally by the so-called test charge, a small-value, positive charge placed in the vicinity of charged objects or electrical charges irrespective of their signal. The intensity of the electric field is measured by the force of the test charge. With electric power, this is an indication of the strength of this field.

This physical concept is measured by the unit of Newton for each colum. This unit is derived from the law that describes the relationship between the electrical charge and the effect of electrical power in the surrounding area. This law is:

Electrical field = Wattage / electrical charge

This physical concept is a vector concept, where it can only be quantified by quantifying it and determining its direction. In this physical concept, the direction is determined by the path taken by the test load if it is assumed to be in the specified position to measure the direction within the region Surrounding the shipment.

Electrical field lines and characteristics
These lines are defined as those delusional lines that surround the electric charges, which are carried by the test load if placed in the area surrounding the electric charge or the charged object. There are many characteristics of these imaginary lines and the most important characteristics are the following:

These lines come out of the positive charge and enter into the negative charge.
These imaginary lines never intersect.
The greater the intensity of the electric field the greater the number of lines of its own, as the intensity of these lines to increase the intensity of the electric field resulting from the charge.

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