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What is the function of the router?

The term network refers to a set of spatially separated and spatially separated points that combine communication methods to maintain communication and exchange of data and benefit. The Internet and computer networks, however, express a way of linking and exchanging information between different types of devices on the Web, and anywhere in the world. Whether it is a WAN or a home-based enterprise, for example, it provides communication between network segments within the specific geographical area. One of the most important devices responsible for organizing communication between the devices of the World Wide Web is the Router, There are many devices, and this article is intended to talk about the router specifically.

Router function
Before knowing the function of a router, you must know the types of networks that have been classified by the engineers of communication and computer, and thus can monitor the basic task of the router, these types are:

LAN Local Area Network: A local network, as a set of computers within a science lab in a school, is linked together to involve them on a particular printer, data, and custom programs.
WAN Wide Area Network (WAN) is a global network that actually consists of a wide range of local networks, computers and computers connected to each other through protocols and interconnects.
MAN Metropolitan Area Network: A network that covers a larger geographical area than the LAN, but does not reach the size of the WAN.
The function of the router is to manage communication between local networks between them, between local networks and the basic Internet service provider, and how the router function in detail in detail as follows:

A router runs data between computers within the same network, between the network and the primary server.
It handles data in the form of packet bundles and within Layer 3 of the OSI layers, Network Layer.
Used within the three LAN, WAN, MAN networks.
It handles data according to IP Address.
The way it is transmitted is broadcast as the first communication method for the device to monitor all addresses on the network and connected networks, and then Uni-cast & Multicast.
The transmission speed of data in wireless communications reaches from 100 to 100Mbps, and in wired connections from 100Mbps to 1Gbps.
The router is a smart device that selects the shortest way to route data to the desired destination.
Companies that manufacture a router
When a particular network is designed to be connected to the World Wide Web by one of the routers, the engineer responsible for this must be fully aware of the types of routers manufactured and the names of the manufacturers, because they differ in some of the features and services provided and the conditions for its use, operation and efficiency. It is taken from the detailed and related manufacturing information supplied by the manufacturing company itself to each of these devices. The international manufacturers are:


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