Sunday, March 3, 2019

What is internet stuff

What is Internet stuff?
Internet depends on simple techniques, connecting devices over the Internet, connecting devices connected to each other via special sensors, and devices that represent artificial intelligence all through IP.
The Internet offers people the ability to control things remotely without having to be in the same place or near the device.
 These technologies are useful in smart homes that have devices connected to the Internet, so you can turn on remote heating on your way home if your heater is connected to the Internet.
The reason for calling it Internet is things
Word of things raises the curiosity of many are vague and do not refer to anything specific, but in fact things are a general word and refers to anything that can be linked and connected to the Internet by giving it IP address.

Examples of things or devices that can be linked to the Internet
There are a lot of things that are listed under the so-called Internet things and if we want to mention all the list will be long, but the most prominent:

the cars.
Air conditioners.
Various household appliances such as refrigerator and washing machine.
Gates of entrances to buildings.
The pros of using Internet things
Internet things provided many facilities in the process of controlling things remotely and close to the existence of human beings or not:

If you are outside the house and the atmosphere is very cold you can warm the house before reaching by running the heater remotely.
You may be busy at work and at the same time think of shopping for the house, but the fridge and its connection with the mall will check the missing items and send an order to the commercial market to be brought without any interference from you.
The car will stand alone by sensing the dimensions and edges of the pavement to make itself an appropriate place.
Cons of internet things
You should rethink the concept of privacy, and the privacy of data in particular.
The increase in the unemployment rate, the devices in this way to dispense with the jobs of many people.
The psychological impact on people, where there will be communication and communication with the devices and this is a quantum leap in the level of social communication.
Health problems related to the adoption of people on the internet things to perform many of the tasks that they were supposed to do them, and thus get used to a lazy lifestyle.

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