Saturday, March 16, 2019

What is IPTV? All what you have to know about it

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So, What IS IPTV?
IPTV is an abbreviation of internet protocol television. The “IP” in IPTV is the same as your IP address. All that means that television and communication programming is being related using the internet protocol.

For a better understanding of what that means, you need to understand a bit about how This IPTV works. With satellite TV or cable, broadcasters transfer out signals and viewers hold them, you’re only able to see and watch what’s being broadcasted. Except you have some sort of record device,. You just attune in when you can and watch what’s available for you.
IPTV is a little different. Instead of sending content through light vibrations in fiber optic wire or radio waves receiving from a satellite, IPTV sends shows and movies by your regular internet connection. You may be using a cable or satellite internet connection, but these are unconventional of the ones that usually take your TV signals.
Rather of transmitting a range of shows and movies on a specific program, most IPTV uses video on demand (VOD) or shifted time media.
There’s some complicated network structure following all of this making it works, including lots of transcoding from traditional signs to IP-friendly ones. But the relevant thing is that you haven't to watch what’s being broadcast. You can tell your provider what you want to watch, and they’ll send it to you immediately.
If you’ve used a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix or any other movies service, it’s the same, but with TV instead of movies or associated shows.

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