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What is the longest mountain range in the world

The mountain is characterized by its steep slopes and steep rocky peaks. The mountain is a term that is called high in a particular area of ​​the earth's surface. The mountain range is a group of mountains associated with one another In a sequential system, separated by valleys, mountain passes and highlands, including: the Andes, the Rockies and the Himalayas, and the longest mountain chain in the world will be identified in this article.

The longest mountain chain in the world
The Andes are the longest mountain range in the world, with a length of about 7100 km, a height of 4000 meters, and a width of 500 km, this mountain range along the west coast of South America, and extends to seven countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Bolivia As well as Ecuador and Argentina. The reason for the designation of this series is the Andean Mountains due to the activity of certain types of volcanoes that release Andesite, which in turn contributed to the formation of this mountain range.

The Andes have the highest peaks in the western hemisphere, consisting of a large series of high plateaus, a continuous wall problem. Aconcagua Mountain, located between Chile and Argentina, is the highest mountain in the Andes.

The longest mountain range in the world
The Andean climate depends on terrain, elevation and width. The mountain range is divided into three regions: the Andes, the Andes and the southern Andes. The climate in each region differs significantly from the other. The climate in the Andes Which runs through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia seasonal climate fluctuated between the rainy season and the dry season, the southern Andes between Chile and Argentina, the climate is wet and dry, and the climate in the Andes in Colombia and Venezuela, the weather is humid and hot.

Characteristics of the longest mountain range in the world
The Andean mountain range is one of the longest mountain ranges in the world, as mentioned above. These mountains include many peaks and plateaus. There are different types of animals. The characteristics of the longest chain in the world will be identified as follows:

The Andes are the world's most arid deserts, the Atacama Desert.
These mountains consist of the second highest plateau in the world, known as the Andean Plateau.
At the top of the Andes, there is a volcano located between Chile and Argentina, the volcano Ochos del Salado, which is the most active volcano on earth.
There are also various types of rare endangered animals, such as Titicaca water frogs, some bears such as polar bears, flamingos, short-tailed chinchilla, Andean catfish, alpacas, Andes and other animals.
These mountains are located in an area called the fire belt or fire collar which is located around the Indian Ocean.

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