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What is the network?

Wireless Networks
Despite the fact that the wireless revolution in the world of communications has led to unprecedented development and acceleration in the access of communications and the Internet to everyone's hands, it has some disadvantages and negatives that may limit its work. The most important is the random radio waves and the difficulty of controlling and controlling them because of the refractions and reflections Decay, absorption, and so forth. Here the challenge is clear to the engineers of communications and networks. The idea of ​​strengthening the network as one of the engineering solutions that helps the participants to access the network services in the best way, and this article will provide an explanation of the network's strengths and types and mechanism E.

Strengthen the network
Or the so-called replicator of the Repeater network. The idea of ​​his work is based on his name, "fixed or repeated", where he simply repeats the incoming signal to the participants.

The subscriber starts any communication service whether voice calls, text messages, the Internet, etc. by noting the difficulty or face of the network or the difficulty of others accessing it.
A complaint is filed with the network responsible for its coverage. In turn, the company checks the strength of the transmission signal in its geographically-populated region by means of existing data maps and engineering programs.
If a signal is found to be weak in this user, a team of engineers and technicians will be sent for direct inspection.
In most cases, the problem is based on the misuse of devices connected to the network, such as the Internet or the so-called router, where users put them in isolated places in the home so it is difficult to capture the signal and broadcast to the rest of the devices, and most often the solution is as simple as bringing the router to the window!
In case the field engineer proves that there is an actual problem and needs an engineering solution, the temporary engineering solution is to use the network reinforcement. The permanent solution is to support the area with broadcasting towers. However, if the building that is exposed to this problem falls below the street level, A permanent and mandatory solution is to use a network booster.
The basic idea of ​​the network booster is to receive the signal from the server main tower of the home, enterprise or company. This received signal is very weak and distorted, amplified by the relay and re-broadcasted to all parts of the place.
The reinforcement device is placed in the front of the building, and then internal antennas are connected inside the rooms and corridors.
If the building area is large, more than one reinforcement may be used.
If the area is too large with multiple floors such as malls and supermarkets, another engineering solution is the IBS-In Building Solution.
Types of network optimizers
Not all communication problems are the same, so not all solutions are the same. Some of them are after the examination. It turns out that it is a problem with calls only. Some of them are on the Internet and some combine the two. Therefore, the specialized companies have manufactured five current types of networks. Generation of communication generations are, these five types are:

Booster for 2nd Generation Network Only Repeater.
Booster for 3G Network Only Repeater.
For 4G 4G Only Repeater.
Booster for both the second generation and the third generation together 2G + 3G (Repeater).
Enhancer for my 3G and 4G networks together 3G + 4G (Repeater).

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