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What is the phenomenon of the mountain breeze and valley breeze

The phenomena of the mountain breeze and the phenomenon of the breeze valley are natural phenomena that belong to the air and occur frequently in nature. There is also what is known as sea breeze. These phenomena occur naturally as a result of different pressure between the different regions that are different and differ in terrain on the surface of the earth. These phenomena are significant in the summer, and it is worth mentioning that these phenomena are necessary and important because they increase the growth of plants, especially with regard to the phenomenon of mountain breeze and valley breeze.

Information on the phenomenon of the mountain breeze and the valley
These phenomena occur in the mountainous regions of the earth, which are bordered by valleys, where the phenomenon of the valley breeze during the day as a result of the fall of sunlight on the slopes of the mountains before falling on the valley in time, and the mountains are closer to the sun from the valley.
When the temperature of the mountain rises, the air near the surface of the mountain is exposed to heat, and the temperature increases. This increases its volume and low density. It is replaced by cooler air. This continues until all the surrounding air is heated. This makes a difference between the air pressure in the valley And air on the mountain, and this causes the transmission of air from the valley to the mountain, forming the phenomenon of the valley breeze.
The mountain breeze occurs at night time, as the high surface of the mountain loses its temperature faster, especially with the absence of sunlight from it, while the valley can keep the heat longer because it is surrounded by mountains, which causes coldness of the air touching the surface of the mountain, The air in the valley is low due to its high temperature, moving air from the mountain to the valley.
These phenomena occur as a result of different pressure. According to the physical laws of the fluids, the fluid moves from the high pressure zone to the low pressure zone, in order to try to balance the pressure between the two regions.
Anyone can feel these phenomena whether they are on the mountain or in the valley, because they feel the air smells. This phenomenon is very useful because it allows the movement of air and the transfer of pollen between plants and trees, which helps in the growth of fruit trees and the gathering of fruits.
Causing the mountain breeze to be fog in the valley, this phenomenon sometimes occur.
The phenomenon of the breeze of the mountain and the phenomenon of the valley breeze are two opposite phenomena, the mountain breeze blowing air breaths from the mountain towards the valley, and the phenomenon of the valley breeze blowing air breaths from the valley to the mountain.

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