Friday, March 15, 2019

What is the philosophical question

Philosophy is one of the basic sciences on which the individual's entity is based. The main goal is to elevate thought. Therefore, the comparison is always in favor of philosophy, which can not be compared to any of the other sciences that man has learned through his long history. Because it is the cornerstone of it and the main one is thinking, for this is described by some as the vision of thinking or the process of thinking things, and described by others as love of wisdom, and that the science of multiple concepts, and other definitions of which the philosophers disagree, and in this article The philosophical question is defined.

Definition of the philosophical question
The philosophical question is defined as the question of multiple forms and images, which did not take one form or character. The first to use it was the philosopher Socrates, who is the father of philosophy. The philosophical question has been defined in different times. The Greek philosophical question is defined as the choice and scrutiny of ideas, This is a new question that generates new ideas, as if addressing the future. This seeks to be completed in order to arrive at the correct, correct and complete answer, while its modern definition comes in relation to keeping abreast of the events and the spirit of the times and how. The individual deals with modern technologies and different sciences. He believes that the individual lives within a wide range of meanings and modern ideas in which he must be integrated so as not to be traumatized intellectually, intellectually or cognitively, because it will affect his behavior in one way or another and cause distraction of thought and soul.

Characteristics of the philosophical question
The philosophical question has a number of characteristics that reflect its methodology, as it has a special character and is expressed in a philosophical way that illustrates the difference between it and other non-philosophical questions. These characteristics can be deduced from the definition of the philosophical question itself. The most important characteristics of the philosophical question are as follows:

The problematic question is that the nature of this question is either an element of paradox or a set of questions that can not be fully answered, but one question remains unanswered, creating a philosophical problem, and this also gives a certain question so that the philosophical question Is a series of a wide range of endless philosophical questions.
The root question is that the question is repeated to reach the basis and origin of things, such as the question of the origin of the universe.

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