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What is the science of nature

What is the science of nature

Since the beginning of creation, man has been discovering all that surrounds him to employ him in his life, and this has evolved so that he can bring the sciences concerned with the search for phenomena and all the related laws, functions and developments. Thus, he was able to reach a great number of different sciences. Including science, engineering, humanities and cognitive sciences such as neuroscience and natural sciences such as chemistry and natural science, and then proceeded to deepen in each branch of science; the impact of this positive in his life by the development of all the more advanced time, and in this article will be defined the science of nature and talk about its areas The most prominent R. Edde Muslims.

The science of nature can be defined as physics or physics, one of the branches of natural science that has studied the main concepts of nature such as power, energy, time and all that is related to it. It is referred to as the profound analysis of nature in order to understand and understand the principle of the universe. This science has the ability to explain all natural phenomena and the effects of power, and also to bring the laws that regulate the course of natural processes, and is referred to as one of the most academic disciplines ahead; dating back to the Middle Ages, but was Ed Faced under the list of modern science in the seventeenth century.

Fields of natural science
The science of nature enables the inclusion of a huge list of sciences under its name, to serve all areas that require more accurate interpretations than general interpretation, despite the many fields; but the following are the most important:

Astrophysics: A branch that highlights the study of stars, planets and all that relates to astronomy in a purely physical way.
Acoustics: Emphasis on the study of the generation of acoustic waves and all its characteristics and spread.
Aerodynamics: is concerned with gases and their motion, specifically air and swimming objects and movement in it.
Atomic physics: This branch draws its attention to the atom and its structure, reactions and properties of atomic particles.

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