Saturday, March 9, 2019

What is the sport of programming?

About the programmer
Surfing or surfing is a different type of sport. It is a water sport practiced entirely on the waves of the sea and the ocean. The history of the game dates back to 1877, when it originated on the Pacific Islands at that time and then began to develop into a world famous sport. One of the most surfing countries, especially those close to the oceans and rivers.

Major programming tournaments
The World Surf Championships, a tournament in which more than 90 countries, including Arab and foreign, are held, are competing for first place, with the annual surfing championships sponsored by the World Surfing Committee.

Surfing Method
Surfing depends on certain steps the player must take to be able to stand above the wave. These steps are:

- The surfer will expand on the dedicated board

- Start blasphemy towards the next wave using your hands

- The player chooses the right wave to carry

- The surfer stays on the board until it becomes above the high beam, which at its beginning is one meter high

- When the wave begins to rise, the player stands on the board

- After that the surfer can move the board in the direction that is desired

- Surfing depends mainly on the player's ability to balance

What are the countries most practicing for surfing sport?
Almost a lot of countries participate in surfing, but some of these countries are programming daily sports should be practiced and thus ranked the most countries to exercise these sports:

-United States of America


- New Zealand

- South African countries



Argentina, Mexico and Japan, as well as Venezuela.

What is a skateboard?
It is a panel made of light plastic or wood. It is 1.8-1.2 meters long and about half a meter wide. The thickness of the board is 7.5 cm and its weight is between 4.5 and 9 kg. Of plastic material for ease of control and light weight

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