Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What is wushu sport?

About Wushu Sports
Chinese civilization has been a collection of sports known to the Chinese people, especially those sports martial arts, Wushu is among the most important martial arts, what is the sport of wushu?

Wushu Sports Definition
Wushu sport is a sport that has emerged from the womb of Chinese heritage and civilization. It is a sport of various martial movements with unique styles and skills that dates back to 5,000 years and which over time has been developed into a famous sport in China and all over the world. Also sport kung fu.

I am a Wushu sport
The Wushu sport is divided into two main categories:

-Tawlo style

This method is to use the hand either empty or loaded with weapons and also includes maneuvers and combat movements based on the stands and kicks and punches and balances and jumps in addition to the strikes and throws by the player or competitor, which also determine the grades and points according to the rules Certain rules are issued by the referee of the game, which is limited by a certain period of time depending on the type of movements to be performed.

- Chuan Chan style

This style of wushu depends on the use of hand grip such as palm and hook. It is characteristic of this method that all movements are smooth and flexible and need to use speed, strength and agility, and the style of Chan Chuan depends on the movements that are frequent jump and jump and Rotation.

Weapons used in wushu sport
Some weapons, which are known as short arms and long weapons, are used as follows:

Short weapons
These weapons consist of:

- The high sword.

- Wide sword.

Long arms
These weapons consist of:

- Permission.

- the stick.

 The importance of Chinese Wushu sport
Wushu is very important in human life.

- Suitable for all ages.

- Do not go beyond the capabilities of the internal human.

- Strengthen self-confidence.

- Output of energy hidden inside the human body.

- Remove anxiety and rest the soul and calm the nerves.

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