Friday, March 15, 2019

What That Mean a computer virus?

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A computer virus is a piece of malware that is specifically designed to do spiteful infliction to your computer, system or network. These types of programs and mechanisms are normally created by hackers or safety specialists to produce harm and other roles to these systems.

 The identicale programming language that isutilizedd to builde helpfull software can be used to createe a virus.(with low level programming languages).

But The Question is, How These VIRUSES Spread?

The viruses Has there Special way To Spread Over and over, The Most common ways are malicious links in your email, infected files downloaded from peer-to-peer file sharing clients, malicious websites or pop ads, Downloaded Files From Anonymus Sites,Opening spam email or an email attachment which have virus etc.

So how Can we Protect our Computers,Phones,Laptops... From The viruses.
Have great & updated Antivirus and A Powerful Internet Security And A Full Total Security Install only needed Apps, uninstall additional and Optional applications and files, which are infrequently needed. If required you can forever download and reinstall Have clearing temporary internet files, cookies and Search etc. 

Most importantly keep your essential data backed up on a computerized data Also, Disregard or remove communications and messages with additions seeming to be sent from unofficial email addresses. and finally take care when opening Files and media additions, as viruses can be hidden as so files.

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