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What types of networks

Network concept
The term network refers to everything that forms a set of points and has certain links, such as a goalkeeper network in a football game, a spider web, or even a fishing net. The most common and widespread term is the Internet, or the so-called web, In accordance with the purpose of design and financial allocations for the establishment and ensure the continuity of work in accordance with the conditions of scientific engineering sound technology, and in this article will talk about the types of networks and the use of each network and its characteristics.

Types of networks
It is necessary for the researcher in these matters, especially the technological ones, to realize that answering the question of what is the best types of networks, for example, is a relative answer that varies from one need to another and from one design to another. Nothing can be classified in this section as the worst or the best at all, But it is not wise to answer a specific answer and fixed, but it is best to know what design and use that the institution or the body or the company or whoever is interested in it, to find out the best among all types of networks, and mainly divided into three types of networks are:

LAN network
Local Area Network (LAN), for example, a home office, a school, a company, etc., consists of a set of devices connected together by switches or hubs, and with other networks by a router that sends data using landlines or waves The speed of data transfer is 1000 Mbps, has less problems compared to other types and is easier to control, manage and maintain its security and privacy than the penetration of other network types also, is not expensive and does not require much design and extension, Her s His application to the small geographical area covered, and the data do not face congestion and interference when it travels between the grid lines, and finally has a wide Bandwidth facilitates data transfer process.

WAN network
This is the opposite, but complementary to the first type of network mentioned above. It is the Wide Area Network, which is composed primarily of a wide range of local networks, which are connected by routers and large transmission lines such as submarines that extend under Sea and ocean waters connect the whole world to each other, the Internet is a perfect example, using different technologies such as X.25, ATM and others which allow communication to huge distances such as those separating cities, states, states and continents. Between the parts of this network. It is also connected by Satellite, which is also called space communications, with the lowest speed of data transfer between its parts up to 150 Mbps, there are more errors in data transmission and maintenance is more expensive and more complex management to expand the geographical area covered by , And Bandwidth it provides is less extensive data transfer.

MAN network
The Metropolitan Area Network, which is the intermediate state between the two former types, covers a city or village area with a data transfer rate of 44 Mbps to 155 Mbps, with average data congestion between the LAN and WAN networks, consisting of LANs interconnected with fiber optics, Used in data transfer are: ATM, SMDS, FDDI, Bandwidth is limited and narrow.

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