Thursday, March 14, 2019

What you should know before making a Travel to South Korea

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South Korea was hardly the Land of the Morning Calm, as it has been called historically.South Korea is A very mountainous country (about 70% of its land is mountains), South Korea may look small on the map, but it is full of wonderful pockets of culture to explore. The capital, Seoul, is easily navigated without a guide the subway system is well-marked and street signs are written in both English and Korean

So, Before You Travel to this beautiful country, There is some information that you should know before Your trip:

  • Never forget to try out Korean food. It's really unique and so diverse.
  • Korean People Are Generally Bad in English, So Try to learn some Korean words Before you Travel.
  • Also, speaking of food, some dishes might be really spicy. For foreigners, it might be even most spicier.
  • When ordering food, don't be afraid to shout at the server to get their attention as it can be very loud in some restaurants. ili!이리 which means Here!
  • Internet is pretty much anywhere and don't worry about speed because they are usually very fast.
  • Be weary of some taxi drivers because like most countries, they will try to earn more money by driving further than needed by using your unfamiliarity of the place.
  • Speaking of taxis, there is a Korean app like Uber called Kakao T that is supported in English. It's recommended to use this app because taxis can be harder to hail especially as a foreigner. Besides, you don't have to explain where you are going.
  • Also, just because Korea is the home of big consumer electronics companies such as LG and Samsung doesn't mean they are cheap. Some can cost around 100 to150 dollars more than a lot of countries outside of Korea
  • If you have a smartphone and don’t want to pay for an international plan, you can rent a wifi egg at the airport (also some AirBnB places offer them as part of the room). This costs $4 per day and is essentially a moving hotspot. Having internet connectivity was super important to me.
  • Don’t do it. The bus was the roughest ride I have ever had. Thought I was going to lose an arm hanging on. When riding the bus, tap on AND tap off. You must use your card both entering and exiting the bus.

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