Thursday, March 14, 2019

What You should know before Traveling to Paris?

Eiffel tower sunrise

Paris, the City of Light, is filled with thousands of hotels, attractions, shops, and restaurants. If this is a first-time Travel, or even if you know the city, this guide aims to help to focus on what you should remember in your Travel, where to go and more basic information
you need before you Travel to Paris.
    If you are planning a Travel to Paris, here are the Most Important Travel things you need      to know:

The city of dreams turned out to be a bit frustrating on the first day. Why? I needed to figure out the metro system. While it isn’t difficult once you get used to it, remember that you need to walk through the gates fast. Why? They may close on your luggage just as they did on mine. So you will have an unhappy trip:(
Another important point to note is that the Paris metros don’t have escalators. This means that you have to climb up huge flights of stairs. So pack light!
Remember that the metro maps are interconnected webs. So study them well before you leave.
Also, note that The basic Métro ticket is a small piece of cardboard ( white) with a magnetic strip that costs €1,90.
We rented a car for most of journey through the south of France but we also use the famed Thalys. Get to the railway stations in time. At times the trains get rescheduled without prior warning and you may need to change stations.
French is the language that the French people speak. They are proud of their mother tongue and most of them are not fluent in English. The French are also friendly. Show an interest in the language and they will show an interest in teaching you. I learned a good deal of French in the two weeks that I spent in France.
Drink the Coffee from small cafés in less touristy places where you're going to pay less and the coffee might be better! And in many coffee cafes, you can only pay 1€ for your coffee if you sit by the counter!

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