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What You Should Know Before Visit Algeria

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Algeria Is the biggest country in Africa and One of The Most Beautiful Countries In The World, With Many Special Characters That You will absolutely Love This Wonderful Country.
Algeria has a fantastic multifariousness of landscape with the Sahara desert in the south, , mountains that contribute incredible hiking during the summer and skiing opportunities in the snow through the wintertime, beaches along the Mediterranean sea to the north
Algeria also has a notably rich history with 7 Famous Heritage World sites and is one of the most culturally Rich countries in the whole of Africa And Also in The world.


The Official currency in Algeria is DZD Algerian dinar.                               Algeria will become a very cheap country compared to western standard.
1 USD=119 DZD
1 EURO=132 DZD


Arabic and Tamazight are the two official languages in Algeria. But French is also literally spoken by everyone. But, If you Don't know any Language of These, it was easy to get around with just English. There Are A lot of People who speak English And Any other Language.


Algerian food is a mix of much of cultures. It's Changing When You Travel from city To Other you will find food from Berber,Spanish, Italian food, Turkish, and Especially Arab cuisines.BBQ chicken/lamb and Couscous and Chakchouka Are available everywhere in Every Restaurant. When visiting southern Algeria, the most common meat I had was camel meat.
Also, Algeria Is one of The Most Cheapest Countries In the world.
You can buy a Water bottle just for 0,20$ or a 1KG Apples Just for 1,30$ ...
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