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Where are the Andes

The Andes are part of a mountain chain extending along the west coast of South America, along 4,300 miles. The Andes are divided into seven countries: Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina and Bolivia. And the Andes in the conditions and nature of life of those countries that pass, and has the highest high plateaus and extended on a series like the wall is continuous and vastly large, and the Andes Mountains the longest mountain range in the world, but it is narrowed extension chains, to be more capacity from the east to the west, Its highest mountain is called Mount (is Mount Aconcagua) Which separates Chile and Argentina.


The Rise and Rise of the Andes
The climatic nature of the Andes
Features and characteristics of the Andes
The Rise and Rise of the Andes
The Andes have emerged from the formation of platelets with chronological periods of around 65 million years.
The Andes arose from the geological activity of 250 million years ago, which included the earth's crust and formed the earth in its present size, after it was known as the giant continent and later decomposed.
The history of the rocks of the Andes, which is at present the number of years of work in the composition, resulting from pressure and exposed to heat transformations that contributed to the formation of the types of stone, including the stone limestone, limestone, sandy, oil and marble stone.
The climatic nature of the Andes
The nature of the climate in the Andes, which depends on the height and width and different terrain, is divided into three areas north of the Andes, the Andes and southern Andes. The nature of the climate and precipitation varies in each region, Venezuela and Colombia are warm and hot, and the Andean Range extends to the cloud and tropical forests of those countries.
It extends in the Andes and passes in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, showing the seasonal variation in climate, to be volatile between the rainy season and the dry season.
Located in the south of the Andalusian mountains of Argentina and Chile, they are characterized by wet and dry climate.
Features and characteristics of the Andes
 Located in the Andes Pacific Ring of Fire.
 The Andes are the longest mountain chain in the world.
 There is the highest peak of the Andes in Colombia, called the Cristobal Colon Summit.
 The Andes have the second highest plateau, the famous Andean Plateau.
 It has the Atacama Desert, known as one of the world's driest deserts.
 The Ocalos del Salado volcano, the highest and most active volcano, is located on the Chilean-Argentine border.
 Some species of animals that live in the Andes have been dying, including endangered species such as flamingos, short-tailed chinchillas, Andean goose, Andoran pandas, Titicaca water frogs, Andean mountain cats, and Junin bars.

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