Thursday, March 14, 2019

Who cleans my blood ?

                                                  Thank you my Kidney

   Playing, doing an effort or drinking a simple glass of water are commonplace activities for all of us, but for our bodies, they require a cascade of often unsuspected mencanisms.Following the liquid we have just swallowed, we arrive to the blood circulation. The blood flow carries several particles such as cells ie white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets , besides it carries the waste of the body (urea and creatinine) that our blood must get rid of it.1/5 of our blood flow passes through the kidneys to be filtered.

   Each of our kidneys consists of about 1 million treatment centers called nephrons which are themselves composed of glomeruli and tubules. The glomerule is represented by a ball of small blood vessels allowing the waste to leave the blood, these waste passes into the renal tubule which modifies the composition of the filtered liquid to form the urine. The urine leaves the kidney through the ureter and then pours into the bladder. The purified blood goes to the heart and it will be redistributed to the peripheral organs.
    Thank you my Kidney ! 

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