Sunday, March 3, 2019

who invented the Internet

The most important information about the Internet inventor
We will provide the most important and important information that must be known to everyone about the inventor of the Internet, including the following:

The origin of the Internet inventor's nationality is British.
Named the inventor of the electronic network called (Tim Per Nerz Lee).
This inventor has mastered programming in network technology.
Tim Lee graduated from Oxford University in 1976.
He worked for Plesy in Britain for two years.
Holds the responsibility of the Founder Center at IMIG Computer in 1984.
Tim worked on improving the website for two years, that is, between 1991-1993, that he worked to convert HTML.
Tim Lee was awarded the Millennium Technology Award in Helsinki, which is estimated at about one million euros.
He was awarded the Medal of the Astronomical Medal in 2000 for his invention of the electronic world, which was named Internet.
Benefits of Internet invention
It is possible to exchange information between everyone, regardless of distances or differences in scientific levels among people.
Helps in the process of social communication between all, which has spread in recent times, after multiple areas of communication on the Internet.
It is possible to exchange files and scientific facilities, videos and pictures, and to complete the commercial correspondence between the users of this network between them simply.
Damage to the invention of the Internet
The Internet helps hackers and spyware detect and steal data from people who share their personal information online with others.
The real danger of an electronic network lies in the absence of moral intellectual awareness of the dangerous dimensions that one can experience in this imaginary world closest to reality.

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