Thursday, March 14, 2019

Why do you need to drink a lot of water ?


  Our body is about 65% water. Without food, you will be able to subsist for a while. However, without water, this period will be radically shortened. It's clear:  "without water, there is no life"
  • Effects of the water on our bodies : 

 Water is not only necessary for life, but it also helps to :
- Hydrate the tendons
- To lower body temperature when the weather is very hot
- To cause certain chemical reactions in the body that stimulate, among other things, the production of energy and the elimination of fats
- To control the appetite. If you are hungry, try to drink a glass of water before eating. This could allow you to wait until the meal.
  • Tips to increase our water consumption :

1- Whether at work or during a workout, always have a bottle of water in your possession. When thirst is felt, all you have to do is open the bottle
2- Before having breakfast, drink a good glass of water. This will allow you to start your hydration process well.
3- When you eat, instead of consuming soft drinks or juices that are full of sugar, go for water.
4- Always keep a container of one or two gallons of water in which you have put slices of lemon and lime. This will give you the impression of drinking something other than water.
5- Display on the fridge a sheet on which you have written X number of glasses of water to drink each day. That way, every time you open the fridge door, you'll remember that you need to consume water.

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