Thursday, March 7, 2019

Why should you avoid swimming after eating? Learn the answer

Surely you heard a cautionary phrase when you're small by not having water after eating to swim from your parents, you may not be aware of the importance of doing it then, but it's time to find out why.
Immediately after eating, more blood is directed to the digestive tract to digest, reducing the flow of blood in the arms and legs according to the "boldsky" report, which means that you will tire and feel tired easily.

One reason is that you may have a muscle breakdown if you go swimming on a full stomach, and although it may be uncomfortable but not fatal and will certainly not die from drowning.

Avoid swimming after meals for the following reasons:

Increased blood flow:

More blood is redirected to the stomach for digestion, but that does not mean that there is not enough blood to keep muscle activity swimming after a meal, but if you eat a large meal and then have a strong swim, one thing can happen is that the body He will only digest half the food and leave the rest, which may make you feel nauseous.

 You may experience foot cramps:

All swimmers have experience of cramps in the thighs and hands, and when eating and having more blood directed to the gastrointestinal tract, the amount of oxygen that reaches the muscles is less, leading to muscle spasm.

Tips for a swimmer when having a great meal

If you are still concerned about swimming after eating the meal directly due to discomfort you can follow the following:

Take a short stroll to the stomach to digest food well before returning to swimming again.
Eat simple carbohydrates and not complex carbohydrates, leading to a digestion system in a short time without waiting too long.
Wait outside the water for 30 minutes after eating the meal before returning to another bitter swim.
Keep light meals and keep away from drinking when you go swimming.

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