Monday, April 22, 2019

18 tips when exercising for slimming

Exercising strengthens the muscles of the body in general, or a particular muscle in the body in particular, by burning the fat accumulated in it. The accumulated fat in the body is considered as fuel for the body, which gives it the kinetic energy to exercise, and with a little training and exercise you can do things you could not do You can move your body in a certain way, or you can bend and lift parts of your body in a wonderful way, or perform some kinds of movements that were impossible to do previously.

It is also known that the practice of cardio is one of the best types of mathematics to lose weight in a healthy and safe, but when you exercise sport In order to slim down and lose weight you can take into account some of the important things that we will address in the following article.

Tips When Exercising For Slimming
1 - When waking up, drink a glass of water on the stomach before eating half an hour

2 - I take care to eat breakfast in full to be able to exercise

3. Do not drink any liquids during meals.

4 - Reduce the carbohydrates in your food and limited to eat once or twice a week at most because of the harmful effect on the accumulation and storage of fat.

5 - Eat very slowly with chewing, because it is known to nutritionists on the mind that gives a signal fullness of the cells of satiety in the brain after a quarter of an hour from the start of food.

6. Sleep for at least 8 hours.

7 - follow a diet or diet specific to lose weight.

8. Divide your main meals into a few low-calorie snacks.

9 - Increase the duration of exercise gradually until the day to get enough time to work exercises.

10 - Keep away from smoking.

11 - Distancing completely from drinking alcohol.

12 - to stay away from drink drinking sugar.

13 - Distancing completely from fatty foods.

14 - between meals between at least two hours between each meal to increase the rate of burning.

15 - Try to breathe normally during exercise.

Divide your food with 50% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 10% fat.

You can exercise five days a week with two days a week, for example Friday and Wednesday.

18 - The best mathematics for weight loss and slimming are cardio exercises, which means the work of some light exercises such as swimming, running, cycling, walking, running, jogging, and others.

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