Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Allow tiredness during exercise

If you are tired or tired during or after exercise, we are pleased today in the magazine Slimming Fast, the first electronic magazine specializing in fitness, health and beauty to give you a set of golden tips that will help you to avoid feeling tired, tired and pain during exercise .

First: Do not do.
Exercise intensively: If you want to intensify your exercise or exercise, your body will not be able to deal with this pressure, and will suffer from collapse and will exhaust his energy and you will feel very tired. The solution here is to exercise gradually to avoid the pain and problems of bones and muscles and your body can adapt to it.
Bad diet: The goal of your diet now is to extend your body with all the energy you need to be able to do daily activities and exercise regularly, so your diet should include protein, carbohydrates and fat. A snack before and after exercise is recommended to extend the body with the necessary energy.
Comfort: Comfort is essential for your body to find the energy needed. Without rest, your body will not be able to exercise well or do its job properly.
Commitment to many tasks: When your life is filled with many obligations will result in stress, and doing everything at the same time will inevitably cause you to collapse and low levels of energy in your body. Therefore, you should take some rest before exercising and some exercises.
Secondly: I do.
March Warm-up exercises: One of the most important reasons to prevent muscle cramps leading to the cessation of exercise, so be careful to do some simple warm-up exercises before exercising daily.
Regularly practicing sports will protect you from injury, tiredness and exhaustion, so be sure to exercise regularly and regularly.
Follow a healthy balanced diet: Remember the role of nutrition in protecting your body from fatigue and fatigue during the training period, so you should be careful to follow a good diet that allows your body all the nutrients that need during and after training.
Moisturizing the body: Moisturizing the body here is not intended to moisturize the skin, but moisturize the body from the inside by drinking an appropriate amount of water before training and extend the body with potassium and sodium to moisturize the nutrients needed to avoid fatigue and fatigue during exercise.
Third: Tips to maintain body moisture during exercise.
Drink plenty of water: you should drink 2: 3 liters a day, along with a sip of water every period during exercise to avoid feeling tired, dry and avoid hypoproteinemia.
Eating fruits: The fruit has a high ability to rid the body of free radicals and compensate for loss of water and supply the body with minerals and vitamins necessary for freshness and vitality. Among these fruits are orange, lemon, cranberry, cherry and grapefruit.
Body weight: You should weigh your body before and after exercise, and make up for any part of your weight lost by drinking plenty of water.
Check the color of urine: After taking some rest during the exercises drink water and enter the toilet to urinate, and here should focus on the color and degree of flow of urine, as the urine should be like water or very pale yellow, while dark yellow urine may be a sign of drought is One of the causes of fatigue and exhaustion.
Test for softness of the skin and dry mouth: One of the signs of dehydration is when the skin is pressed or pinched or hardened, you will find that the skin does not return to normal quickly. Dry mouth is one of the first signs of dehydration. Therefore, when feeling this symptom, we should stop exercising and take a sip of water and rest a little while focusing on the speed of the heartbeat to avoid the risk of dehydration.
Stop dizziness immediately: Last but not least, feeling dizzy during exercise is a sign of dehydration and therefore low blood pressure, and a sign of the need to stop exercising hard. What happens now in your body is the difficulty of pumping blood throughout the body by the heart because of the ability of the water to facilitate the flow of blood in the body correctly and therefore should stop immediately and drink water and take a break.

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