Sunday, April 21, 2019

Get to know Action Star Cars Jason Statham

Many Hollywood stars are known for their passion for classic cars and luxury sports, and some have a fleet of cars. One of them is British British action star Jason Statham, who is known for his passion for strong German cars, especially Audi, who bought three cars.
He bought a number of super sports supercars and helped him make a fortune of over $ 50 million from buying his own fleet of dazzling cars that we'll look at in the next few lines.

1. Audi S8

Statham used this car in his series of successful films The Transporter and therefore loves German cars. The car was his first sport car in 2009, having been suspended since his leadership in his film series, but has made adjustments to its exterior and cabin components.

2. Audi R8

In 2010, he again purchased two versions of the supercharged Audi R8, complementing his passion for German cars, one of which was white with a 4.2-liter 4.2-liter 420 hp engine and a black one with a 5.2-liter 10-cylinder engine and 552 hp.

3. Aston Martin DBS Volanti

He bought the car at the beginning of 2011 at $ 286,000, a super sports car with a 12-cylinder, 6.2-liter, 510-horsepower engine.

4. Lamborghini Murcielago

He bought in 2011 a continuation of his approach to the acquisition of super sports cars, and this car has a 12-cylinder engine 6.5 liters and a power of 631 horsepower.

5. Jaguar E-Type 1963

This classic English car is one of its favorite cars. It comes in red and has a powerful 12 cylinder 5.2 liter engine and 267 horsepower. Despite its output, the top speed is 240 kilometers per hour.

6. Ferrari F12 PerLenta

Statham continued his passion for the purchase of Italian super sports cars. He bought the car in 2015 at $ 379,866, a brilliant silver color and a 12-cylinder, 6.3-liter, 730-horsepower engine.

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