Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Intensive sports burn more calories than running and cycling

Scientific research has found that exercising a variety of intense exercise with short breaks may help you lose weight more than running at a steady pace on a treadmill or stationary bike in a gym.

Intensive exercises are better than sports equipment

In this context, doctors advise people who are trying to lose weight by focusing on reducing calories and increasing their physical activity. In contrast, researchers in the British Journal noted that sports medicine is the ideal form of exercise.

In their current research, the researchers looked at data from 41 studies that compared weight loss results after about four weeks, either with sporadic exercise or continuous medium-intensity training programs, such as jogging, biking or walking at a steady pace. The result was a decrease in the weights of men and women participating in studies and their body fat decreased due to these two types of physical activity regardless of weight when starting exercise.

Intermittent exercise increases fat loss

"Weight loss is not just about the number of calories you burn during exercise, but also the reaction of your body during the hours and days after exercise," said Paolo Gentiel, a senior researcher at the Federal University of Guayas, Brazil.

"We found that intermittent exercise increases fat loss and that sprinting exercises may be very effective in this regard," he said in an e-mail.

Intermittent exercise sessions lasted 28 minutes on average, compared with only 18 minutes for intermittent exercise sessions and 38 minutes of moderate continuous exercise.

Exercise programs vary, but the most common are intensive four-minute intermittent exercises with three-minute rest periods.

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