Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kia Haba Nero Test. Autos car for a dazzling future

The world is witnessing recent changes and developments in the automotive industry, which confirms that we are heading for a future aimed at electric cars and self-driving as well, which Kia observed and embodied this shout at the New York Motor Show by launching the prototype Haba Nero test.
Kia has dubbed its new test vehicle "a deep look into the future of mobility", as it is the most powerful crossover that supports the fifth and final level of self-driving, designed by Kia Studio, California.

The Hapa Nero design features dynamic red panels with butterfly wings doors, 4-seater cabin, aluminum bottom panels and 20-inch red-painted wheels with many other features.

The car has been removed from the handles of the fuse and traditional screens, all replaced by a futuristic upper screen full-width windshield controlled through the screen interactive counters of acrylic with a sensor, where the steering wheel and control screen disappears when entering the style of self-driving, allowing to increase the space for passengers to relax While watching anything on the big screen.

The test model also includes a Kia's instantaneous adaptive driving system, which customize and adjust the cabin according to the driver's condition, using artificial intelligence and motion-control cameras to transmit video behind the car to the windshield when the driver looks at the mirrors.

Kia confirmed that the Haba Nero comes with 2 full electric motors installed in the front and rear to get a 4WD and a range of 483 km in a single charge.

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