Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Lower abdominal slimming exercises

The problem for women and girls who suffer from fat build-up in this area, despite the agility of their bodies, is known. The main reason for the emergence of the lower abdominal area is the relaxation and weakness of the lower abdominal muscles, which facilitates the accumulation of fat in this area.

It is worth mentioning that the beauty of your body will not be complete except to tighten this area to enjoy an attractive appearance and to increase your confidence and to increase the health of your nationality.

Important notes:
1. Repeat each movement in these exercises 16 times and rest a little before moving on to the next exercise.

2. If you suffer from a health problem, exercise should be practiced for less equipment and with the use of time.

Lower abdominal exercises
Exercise 1:
Lie on the floor

Spread your hands along your body

Lift your waist up and drop it again 16 times

* Keep hands and feet firmly on the ground.

Exercise 2:
Stand and turn your back and leave a wide distance between your feet

Stretch your arms forward

Bend your knees so that the weight of the body rests on the buttocks

Stand again for the first position and repeat the movement 16 times

Exercise 3:
Lie on your back

Lift your legs at an angle

Place your hands behind your head

Lift your head a little and make sure to install your old in the air

Exercise 4:
Rest your body on earth

Lift your legs to be vertical on the floor, taking care that your knees are free

Spread your hands so that your legs touch your legs and they are up to the top

Exercise 5:
Spread your body on the ground

Make your legs at an angle

Place your hands next to your body and hold your body to the ground

Move your legs toward your body and move them forward

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