Sunday, April 21, 2019

Soon .. an electric car left itself without a driver

The corner of the car is one of the most difficult things in Egypt for many drivers, especially in light of the overcrowding and lack of availability of many places in the main streets, in addition to the possibility of not being able to exit or enter the cabin in the case of the corner and the lack of space enough between the cars for that.

Many companies, such as Tesla, Mercedes and BMW, have introduced intelligent self-parking systems in their luxury cars, and Chinese companies have decided to join the same race recently, including XPeng.

The G3 is equipped with a smart corner system based on artificial intelligence and self-driving that handles data from 23 different sensors to get a vivid view of everything around it, allowing it to flex itself fully in different situations, It will be the first in its class with face recognition technology, which helps to observe the driver's fatigue during driving and alerting him to monitor his heartbeat as well.

The G3 XPeng is priced at between $ 34,000 and $ 38,000.

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