Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The best time to burn fat is exercise

Exercise is not limited to those who are overweight or fat accumulation in certain areas of the body, but the opposite is true. Exercise is absolutely necessary to ensure that the body is healthy by the age of the person practicing the sport, provided that the exercise is appropriate for every age or period of time, whether you are a child, an elderly person, a young person or a pregnant woman.

Exercise in general will help you maintain a healthy, lean, fat-free and disease-resistant body. In contrast, not exercising will expose you to multiple chronic diseases and, of course, weight gain that is also caused by many chronic diseases, Blockage of the arteries, which in turn leads to high blood pressure and diabetes and heart disease. This is not talking on the psychological side, lack of exercise will lead to permanent inactivity and mood swings etc.

To simplify the matter, the mechanism of fat burning exercise sports is the acquisition of energy by eating energy through the body uses the oxygen obtained through the process of breathing (inhalation) to burn food after eating to produce the energy used by man on a daily basis in his usual activities. But if the amount of energy that is needed is converted to fat stored in the body to be used later when the body needs energy, and in contrast if the energy gained from the required daily amount, the body will burn stored fats to compensate for the energy needed. In the case of equal energy intake of the person with the exercise of the sport may not show any result.

We conclude from the above that if a person wants to burn fat, he should reduce his daily consumption of food and increase the daily effort exerted through exercise, knowing that the sport we mean is not limited to just moving the body members for a few minutes and then reward themselves with some But we need to make a real and sufficient effort during the exercise to induce the body to compensate for the energy difference by burning the fat accumulated by it.

As for the best time to exercise to burn fat is early in the morning after waking up and before breakfast, according to a study published at the University of Northumbria in this regard, individuals who start the morning exercise exercise burn 20% more than those who exercise after have breakfast. The study, however, confirmed that those who exercise first eat a meal less than those who started their day with breakfast instead of sports.

This never reduces the importance of exercise in the evening, but the study was limited to the best time to burn fat. In the evening, the muscles are in the best case of flexibility and the lungs are very active, which increases the level of burning and metabolism of the individual, which leads to increased activity of the body and energy consumption and burning fat, provided that the immortality of sleep after exercise directly where the body needs rest After exercise to avoid exposure to insomnia or difficulty sleeping that results from high stress rate during exercise.

The study also stressed the need to drink plenty of fresh water and juices during exercise, and this is always recommended in the magazine rapid slimming to avoid fatigue and fainting, provided that taking into account the health situation like those who suffer from diabetes, we advise them to consult with their doctor in terms of practice and daily eating .

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