Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What are the causes of obesity in children?

Determining whether a child is obese or obese is by a specialist, but in general the child may be considered obese if the weight is more than 20% or more normal. The higher the percentage, the greater the problem. The problem in our Arab societies is that a large segment of mothers do not pay attention to the obesity and seriousness of their children in al-Safawla and after al-Kabir, and this often comes from ignorance of proper nutrition. For this reason, the growth of children during the various stages of life must be followed by the pediatrician who follows up on this phenomenon as soon as possible.

And obesity in children stands behind the many reasons, including the causes of illness and due to the habits and misconduct. The most important of these reasons can be summarized in:

A) Pathological causes of childhood obesity:

1 - Some diseases such as endocrine disorders, lack of thyroid hormone and increase the secretion of the adrenal gland, which in turn to the emergence of hormonal disorders that cause weight gain.

2 - treatment with cortisone drugs such as the treatment of asthma, which cause weight gain significantly.

Genetic diseases and genetic predisposition to obesity.

B) Causes of ignorance and misconduct:

1 - giving the child foods in the period of breastfeeding with milk.

2 - Malnutrition, which is often produced from fast food and ready or mother pressing all the time on the child to eat many foods rich in calories, which may be incomplete nutrients that the child needs to grow healthy.

3 - Neglecting breakfast, which in turn inhibit the metabolism of the child, or on the other hand to give the child sugary foods, which works to speed up the level of sugar in the blood and decreased again to feel more hungry.

4. Increase sleep periods from the normal period.

5 - Neglecting the exercise, which reduces the burning of calories and works to store in the form of fat and grease difficult to burn afterwards.

6 - Use the computer for a long time or sit for a long time in front of the television.

Are we ready now to protect our children from the dangers and problems of obesity to enjoy a healthy and happy life?

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