Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What is the best weight loss sport?

Sport is an effective weapon for weight loss, and it is the most appropriate way to acquire a slim body and maintain sound health, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

"People do not always know the difference between weight loss and loss of muscle," said Vanessa Ghosoub, a nutritionist and sports trainer at Svelte Clinic. "The choice of type of sport affects the person." "If a person has a weak muscle mass and tries to lose weight, he or she can not resort to cardio, but those who want to load many weights and use body building will not be able to lose fat. But if you want to lose weight, you do not have to exercise, "he said." If someone tries to lose weight and then loads, he will not be able to lose extra weight because the weight increases the amount of muscle in his body. " The cardio is divided into two parts: Cardio, which increases the speed of heart rate and power movements, explaining that cardio helps burn fat by walking fast, using Treadmill, swimming, electric sports machines, Zumba and aerobics. All these sports contribute to raising heart rate and burning fat. The movements of strength lies in physical movements that increase the proportion of muscle and improve the body shape and enable the loss of fat. The metabolism strengthens through the muscle, and in this way we can know the most appropriate for us. Athletic coaches at sports clubs often know what club visitors need. "The problem is that these people are not specialized in food, so a dietitian needs to be consulted to help more closely coordinate food and sports," she said. "It takes three hours a week, about half an hour a day, Can be divided into 3 times, an average of 10 minutes each time. According to the latest studies it is necessary to start the movements of force and then move to the Treadmill, not vice versa. "After three hours of exercise, the body begins to burn if it is not eaten," she said, adding that after exercising, drink a glass of milk or milk or eat a meal full of routine to avoid eating the same muscle.

You should not stop exercising

For his part, coach George Assaf said in an interview with "Al-Nahar" that "the best sports for weight loss are walking, running, swimming, especially for those with problems in the joints and back. A person loses weight by exercising from 4 to 5 times a week, ranging from 45 minutes to an hour. " "It's better to use the treadmill with power movements, cycling with a quick walk, or swimming with the treadmill, every time he wants, and the body starts changing after 6 weeks to two months where he feels a basic difference, but if these changes are delayed, And to stop practicing sports, but it is necessary to continue and control will highlight change. "
When asked about what is best for the body, the cardio or the strength movements, Assaf answers "neither cardio alone nor power movements alone, but both because cardio burns calories, while weight training contributes to the growth of muscle, The more fat the body loses. " "Sports in the morning contribute to burning fat more than after eating, the body during the night has burned calories, and the use of cardio from 13 to 16 minutes helps to lose fat, so the best is to start the protection from 4 to 5 Minutes, then move to the cardio, giving the body the energy it needs to be able to do the power movements. "

Sport is an effective weapon

"The best sports that help weight loss are: squash, skiing, running and swimming, because they offer access to the highest calorie burning rates," the German health and nutrition website Ferwendin Wil Feit said in a study published in August. . "Squash for a quarter of an hour helps burn up to 300 calories for a person who weighs about 95 kilograms and an average of 190 calories for about 60 kilograms," the website said.

Swimming is the first among water sports to help lose weight. The average calories burned during a quarter-hour exercise range from 145 to 230 calories. Swimming is also a good alternative for people who want to lose weight, who suffer from health problems such as joint pain that prevents them from exercising other sports.

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